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Nice feeling after studying in dav........ i have learnt a lot....how to talk in a calm manner....
personality has develped......great teachers are there who always support us.......

Passing year - 2007
Admission no_23


Hi, this is Apoorva from 2007 passed out batch. I joined in class 7 and left in 10th.

To be honest, that four years were amazing.I got an opportunity to compete with some very good students there.There are many good memories- sanskrit mantras,various houses, some amazing teachers - Tiwari Sir, Dubey Sir, Santanu Sir. I don't know how it has been going now but I was there when the school was at its supreme. And now after 10 years, when memories flash back in front of me, it hurts deep inside as I cannot go back in time but lips wear a smile when I think of myself being a part of a golden era in the school. DAV has given me a foundation, so it will always be special for me.

This is Sakshi Bubna,  passing year 2009 , std Xth C
Well,  this is a very golden opportunity to write something about my school or I can say it was the most beautiful part of my life which I can cherish forever...it is the institute because of which I am here today.. Working as probationary officer in state bank of India..The teachers who inculcated a feeling of respect and the kind of education which I got there is all and all such a thing which I can say with pride that I am a DAVian.. I still remember the day when I took admission in std 2nd here and entered into the premises of this school.. . Ohh god.. I think I was very lucky... Because the teachers here teach us as well as treat us as there own children.....still I remember all my teachers and sorry,  I will not write there names because.. Then this page will become shorter..they are just amazing.. And most important the extra curricular activities play a very significant role in making us fit physically as well as mentally..
            This school provides platform for all round development of their children because of which all the DAVians, wherever they are, staying with pride and well settled in their life.. I have been a part of this school for many years and witnessed all the good and unforgettable moments. The preamble of being a DAVian for me initiated from this school.. If my story of life ends,  then the chapter of this school will be the most beautiful chapter of my story.. 
     I owe my heartiest thanks to all my respected teachers who have left no stone unturned to carve the students and help them in their all round development. I would also like to thank them that even after  leaving this school they all remember me as a responsible and sincere girl. My school life might have ended but the memories will last forever..all those laughter,  smile,  fun and even those scoldings and crest and trough are like carving on stones for me.. 
Thank you once again DAV..

Spent 5 wonderful years in DAV Motihari. Class VIII-XII.
Was taught by some amazing teachers. Made some amazing friends.
I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree. Aim high and work hard.
All the best DAVians. (y)

Name: ILA

Admission no.: 2027

Batch: Class X 2006  Class XII 2008

I am really thankful that i hav got this opportunity to share my feedback about my school.I m so proud that i have started my schooling from DAV..at that time Dav was the best school in town and as i have heard nowadays..stil Dav is one of the best school in the town..what i am today is only beacause of my school...my teachers are really great mentor...i think school is lyk root of the tree...the strenght of the root decides   the growth of the tree..in same way school plays the most important role in any ones life.i remember at our school our principal...r c sharma sir and K p thakur sir...gives us opportunity to participate in extra curicular activities like sports..dance...music..etc apart from studies...so that we became allrounder...i also lyk the havan we did every saturday...vadic camps...inter sports tournaments...singing competitions...i would like to thank each and every teacher of dav for teaching me understanding my problems....solving them....and also like to thank every non teaching staffs of Dav they are also really very helpful....i will never forget my school time....bcoz that was the most important and lovely time of my life.

Nisha kumari

XII - 2009

X – 2007 Section B

Admission no:590


Excellent school. The new principal and the entire team are making great efforts to innovate.missing those days when we are practicing for sports day annual day function, and so many things. CSDAV is pride of the city.

Name -anuradha kumari
Year of passing- 2008
Studied till 10th.I joined school in 2003

It is an elite feeling,just knowing it is my "Alma Mater".I am a proud alumna of C.S.D.A.V. Public School,class of 2009.D.A.V. shaped me,helped me to become the person that I am today.I still look back with great fondness at my seven years there.It was a second home for me because of many great teachers and friends out there.

Reflecting on my time at C.S.D.A.V., I have always been so elated to be a consistent topper throughout (academically), besides secured excellent positions/certificates in many inter school Olympiads and Talent search examinations and maintained good extra curricular.I give credits to many of these achievements to Shantanu Sir,who had been a constant supporter and motivator.And because of my studies in the initial phases at this place,I was able to crack A.I.E.E.E. (AIR- 4000 in 2012) and IIT 2012 (AIR 9789),now working in an MNC. Apart from all the studies and achievements I have learnt life in this campus , made true friends who are still with me and made umpteen memories.

I am truly blessed to have studied in a school like this.

I really want to relive those moments,which can help keep that winning streak going forever.Wherever I go and whatever ends I pursue, I will always fulfill the trust reposed in me by my Alma mater.I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all my teachers and friends for all the learning. 

Thank You!


Komal Shrivastava

X 'A'  2009 Batch.

8th Board - State Rank 1 (96%)

10th Board - Second in school

Consecutive rank 1 from class 4th till 10th (2009)

A happy childhood, I think, is one of the best things that we can be blessed with. And I was one of those lucky fellows who received this blessing, being a part of DAV Motihari.

I passed class X from here in 2009, needless to say, it was an excellent batch both in academics and in extra-curricular. I remember my last day in school, I was standing in the playground, looking at the building (red & yellow then) and thinking how quickly the days pass. Nostalgia was at its peak. Sullen faces were all around, for this was the time to bid adieu. We knew we were going to miss those days, the screams of B. Singh sir, the literature of KK Singh sir (King Kong, as we called him), quizzes and antaraksharis by NPY sir, counseling by Shantanu sir and so on. Also we were bound to miss bunking classes to go to playground, shouting in class, pen fights on the desks, attaching everyone’s name to every other girl, standing at gate in bus, the sports week, the last class before Holi or Diwali and the list was infinite. We were losing most of the faces around to memories. But you know, time is cruel, it never stops. Childhood bids goodbye.

Today looking back I realize how DAV shaped us to what we are now. The instincts of childhood are never lost. I still remember the morning prayers as well as Shanti Path (however it is difficult to wake up in morning :P ).  I did my +2 from DPS Bokaro and B.Tech from NIT Surathkal. I am still in contact with many of DAV friends.

Thanks to my cousins currently in DAV who keep me updated about happenings here. It was my DAV, it was my treasure.

All the best to all those currently studying here. Remember that you are in the best school of the city, and you will always cherish its memories. Don’t forget to create numerous of it to cherish upon.




ADMISSION NUMBER: 2177 (not sure)

P.S.: A lot of thanks to the school administration and Abhishek sir for providing this opportunity.

My Name is Abhinav Prakash, I had studied from class 3rd to 12th in Dav. I am blessed to be the part of this school.There are many memories which i feel i had stuck there,whenever i used to visit my school i thought of that memories.we used to laugh,cry,there. In school time i was scared of santosh dubey sir,he used to make us laugh,cry at both same time. We have a PT class every time but we never used to do PT. There is always a fun when there is computer practical class. Its a great experience and i cant share my experience in a single statement else it takes me write a book.Its like second home for me.Love yu people.

Today i am working as a analyst in HCL Tech.whatever i learn today and what am i now because of the teachers of there,they taught us how to fight in our difficult situation,think different from others.This make us creative. I personally thanks to you for developing my interest in computer feild,ignore our silly mistakes.

A big thanks for all the faculties and salute you all for sacrificing your precious time for us and it makes a memory.i miss you abhishek sir,meenu mam,b.singh sir(i dont know where are you),up verma sir,Shantanu sir,santosh sir.

While writting all these i am missing my those days,they are just memories which will never come back.

Thanks & Regards

https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifAbhinav Prakash

Admn No- 486 Section B Passing Year 2006

golden days of my life I have learned so many things from my schooling
a great place for all round development still I m missing my days in
DAV school the teachers in school gives platform to move ahead to
achieve goals in life  thanks to all .

Name - Abhijeet kumar
class- X C
passing year 2005

My school CS DAV Public School Kotwa road, Bankat Motihari is a famous education institution in our town/city.It was most enjoyable place for me, so it is the best place for me in school life. CS DAV  is known for its education system. I like the system of prayer assembly which was conducted by the pupil leader everyday.  I love all my teachers. They are very kind and polite in correcting our mistakes. 

Game period  muuuaaahhhh I love it.

I learn lots of thing there which can't be describe in few words. 

I am very proud to say that I'm product of CS DAV.

Sudhir Ranjan,
Class-10, Sec-A
Passing year-2005



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